Arsen Goulamirian vs Gilberto Ramirez
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Boxing Preview: Arsen Goulamirian (27-0, 19 KOs) vs Gilberto Ramirez (45-1, 30 KOs)

In the heart of Inglewood, at the YouTube Theater on a bustling Saturday night, March 30, the air will crackle with tension as Arsen Goulamirian, hailing from Yerevan, Armenia, steps into the ring with a record as clean as a whistle (27-0, 19 KOs) to throw down against the ex-champ Gilberto Ramirez (45-1, 30 KOs). Ramirez is setting his sights on becoming the first Mexican to rule the Cruiser division.

Goulamirian, feeling all pumped up for his American debut, especially in the City of Angels, laid it out plain and simple, “The stage is set, and Ramirez has his work cut out for him. He’s got a mountain to climb if he wants my title. This belt stays with me come March 30.”

Top contender Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez is all fired up for his showdown on Saturday night, taking on the unbeaten WBA Cruiserweight World Champ Arsen “Feroz” Goulamirian. This clash of titans is going down live on DAZN, right from the heart of Inglewood, California, at the YouTube Theater nestled in Hollywood Park.

Ramirez, bubbling with anticipation, threw his hat into the ring, “Guess who’s back? Ready to carve out history as the first Mexican cruiserweight king. Arsen’s been in my sights since I stepped up to this division. I’m feeling right at home in this weight class, and I’m gunning for that undisputed champion title. Big shoutout to DAZN, Golden Boy, WBA, my crew, and my family for having my back. Can’t wait to light up the ring on the 30th.”

Ramirez tipped his hat to Goulamirian, acknowledging, “The guy’s holding the belt for a reason.” He painted Arsen as a beast with the power of Thor, who’s no slouch in the boxing department either. For Ramirez, this is the kind of challenge he’s been chasing.

He’s been grinding, honing his craft, and bulking up, all geared towards taking Arsen down. He’s bracing for an all-out brawl, aware that Goulamirian’s got a penchant for up-close-and-personal fights, which happens to be Ramirez’s bread and butter too. He’s banking on his brute force and knockout power to carry the day.

Ramirez, at 32, has already etched his name in the history books as the first Mexican to snag a super middleweight world title. Now, he’s eyeing to replicate that success in the cruiserweight realm against Goulamirian, who hails from Armenia but has set up camp in France, fine-tuning his skills in Big Bear, California. This marks Ramirez’s second foray at cruiserweight, stepping up from the light heavyweight class, a move from his original stomping grounds at 168 pounds where he spent the first decade of his pro boxing journey.

Zurdo feels right at home at this new weight, pointing out that keeping his weight in check has become a breeze as he’s aged. For him, life’s best lessons come wrapped in experience. He’s not reinventing the wheel with his training regimen; it’s all about mastering the basics of boxing. Stepping up a division means he gets to pump some serious iron without fretting over bulking up.

Oscar De La Hoya, the big boss at Golden Boy, couldn’t help but gush about Ramirez’s potential to make waves, “No Mexican has ever clinched titles in both the Super Middleweight and Cruiserweight divisions. But Ramirez? He’s got something special. I’m betting my bottom dollar he’ll be strapping that WBA belt around his waist on March 30, and don’t be surprised if he ends it with a bang.”

Adolfo Romero, the VP of programming and booking at SoFi Stadium and YouTube Theater, couldn’t hide his excitement, “We’re thrilled to roll out the red carpet for Golden Boy Boxing once again, turning YouTube Theater into the go-to spot for top-notch boxing in Inglewood. Brace yourselves for a riveting face-off as Goulamirian makes his much-awaited U.S. entrance against Ramirez. This fight’s going to be one for the books, marking one of our most thrilling main events ever.”

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